Unable to connect to home network with any Win7 netbook.

I returned 2 netbooks before I realized this was a win7 issue and not necessarily a network card issue.

I can see my network (and my neighbor's network) but cannot connect. I currently have a Mac desktop and another laptop with Vista both seeing my router perfectly.

The one I am having trouble with is a Toshiba Satellite t215D-S1140. I have already tried uninstalling/re-installing the atheros drivers.

Check your network and sharing settings... Win7 defaults to Home Network which will not work with Mac or Vista (or anything else for that matter). You will likely have to switch over to Work Networking then enable Network discovery and Username and Password sharing before you'll be able to do anything.

I'm sorry, maybe I worded that incorrectly. I'm not trying to network between machines, I simply cannot connect to my wireless internet with the Win7 netbook. I can see the signal, but cannot connect to it. It seems to be incompatible with my router (Netgear WGT624)

Ahh that's a whole horse of a different color...

Have you checked the settings for encryption, pass phrase and network name?
It's pretty obvious but that's where to start.

By any chance was the router powered down and back up over the weekend?
It's possible it may have lost settings in a dirty shutdown. Maybe you should re-check it's wireless settings as well.

Can you access the net if you go with a network cable on the router... at least that would tell you if it's just the wireless or the whole setup.

One of the early steps might be to power cycle the Router... unplug, have a coffee, plug it back in and try again.

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