Windows 7 unable to create new system partition or locate a exsisting system partition


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I have got windows 7 7077

I'm trying to install RC1 i haven't formated the drive

  1. so i launch setup.exe
  2. check for updates
  3. accept terms and conditions
  4. cusom(advanced)
  5. select D: - ive been using this all the time
  6. click next
  7. pops up with:warnng there are windows files etc about windows.old
we have 2 computer exsactly the same, it works fine on the other one backup D:
  1. then on the bottom it says
  2. unable to create new system partition or locate a exsisting system partition
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Yes, Windows does that when you install another build.

It's just stating the c:\windows.old directory will be created.

Actually, it's not useful at all if you've copied your important files to another partition or flash drive.

You can check it after install and see if there's anything you may have left behind.

The system files are of no use whatsoever as they have been replaced with newer versions.

Really can't understand why MS does this.
thanks for the quick reply

i accept warning there are windows files etc about windows.old

but it after that it says unable to create new system partition or locate a exsisting system partition
Try opening the Administrative Tools in Control Panel, choose Computer Management, the Disk Management and verify that the D: partition is marked as System, Boot, Active,

By the way, what's on the C: partition?
i tried installing a few days ago- it worked, but in the backgroung mcafee was doing updates so everything sort of froze so i had to do a "bad" shutdown- so it did the setup rollback

so it does work but now it doesn't -strange

ive done chkdsk

windows xp is on c:\

d:= boot, page file ,crash dump, logical drive

ive tires partitioning my c: drive but..

it is saying that c: isn't ntfs, but it is because it says so on disk managment

What im mgoing to do in a few days is copy "users" folder to c: the format drive d:
I'm no dual-booting expert, but are you dual-booting at this time?

I can tell you that if you format your boot - system partition, you better have a windows 7 ISO in the tray, because your system will not boot. Since it is marked as that, you might get an error message that prevents you from formatting, even if you hit the F8 key before Windows loads and choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Try right-clicking on the C: drive in Windows Explorer and see if it's listed here as NTFS.

Truthfully, I'd hang on a bit and see if some other members have a better solution for you.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

yer so do i - but im going to have to reinstall my programs anyway- because u can't upgrade to RC1

im backing up "users", for now - got loads of time


I know to problem when i went on c: drive aka press windows xp (older version of windows) at start up i can crate andything because

c:/ is unavailable acess is denied

i tried a few things then did a repair install of xp but this diddent work as it says setup failed to install product catalogs
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