Windows 7 Unable to customize event sounds

Brand new Dell system. WAV's moved from my old xp system and they worked fine there.

What I do.

1. click start/control panel/personalization/sounds

2. Select the sounds tab

3. pick an event sound

4. select browse and browse to the WAV I want. Double click it and it shows as selected in the sound window.

5. hit the play button to test it and it won't play

The selected WAV is shown as the sound for the event but I get no sound from it. Dell tech support tried to tell me it needed to be an MP3...

I tried to move the default file in the media drawer and insert a renamed WAV. Windows tells me I need to be logged in as an admin (I already am, only account on the machine). I toggled UAC off and then I didn't need to be an admin but it told me I need to be a trusted installer.


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First, let me say, the Dell tech is talking rubbish -you may quote me!
The sound files are wav files.

Try these two options.
1. Open the Control pane - Default programs.
Now select "Select your default programs"
Windows Media player, should be on the list. Click it and click "Set this program as your default"

If it is NOT on the list, then select any media player you can see and do the same.

Now go back one window and select "Associate a select "Associate a file type...etc
Scroll down, almost to the end, and see what you have listed against the .wav. It should now show the Windows media player.

The problem is not that i can't play WAV's they play just fine if I double click them. The problem is I am unable to customize the sounds for system events. Tried this and it makes no difference. It still shows I have the WAV selected for the event but it won't play if I click the play button on the sounds page or if the event occurs once I have it set.


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I am lost here. Waht is the "Play" button. Do you mean the "Test" buton? Perhaps I am discussing a diffrerent section /Conrol Panel - Sound - "Sounds" tab?
Or is this a thirdparty sound installation?
In the link I have mentioned, assuming that is what we are discussing, what do you see if you select "Sound Schenme"

I must say, reading your OP, that we do seem to be discussing the same link/path.

What do you have in the Windows - Media folder?

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Yes sorry I mean the test button. I'll try to be exact to avoid confusion. There is no problem with playing sounds with windows media player or any other program other than the windows 7 OS.

1. Click start button in lower left
2. Click control panel
3. Click personalization
4. Click sounds
5. click sounds tab
6. Get a list of system event sounds. I can pick any event for example default beep
7. click default beep
8. click browse at the bottom of the window
9. Browse to a WAV I want to replace the default event sound with I have them in c:/WAVS
10. double click the WAV I want
11. C:/WAVS closes and I am back at the sounds window with it showing the newly selected WAV for the event
12 Click test and no sound plays, cause the system event to occur and no sound will play

Windows/Media folder has all of the default files in it, hasn't been modified in any way because I can't move, or delete the files even if I want to.


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Sorry. Missed a bit here "Windows/Media folder has all of the default files in it" So you have moved your third party .wavs to that folder? If not, do so.

Moved all my wavs to the windows/media directory and went through steps 1-12 above other than didn't have to browse to wavs now. Still won't work

The selected WAV is shown as the sound for the event but I get no sound from it. Dell tech support tried to tell me it needed to be an MP3...
When I click to select a sound file, I can see and choose only .wav files. Other audio formats are just not accessible from the system sounds.

Maybe your new sound scheme doesn't get saved for some reason ?

Shows it as saved. Windows modified theme. I have saved it and named it a theme. still didn't work.

Ended up being a driver issue.Working fine now

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