Unable To DELETE ESET NOD32 Folder

Hi & Hello people,How are you guys today?Im here because today im having some difficulties to delete the ESET NOD32 Anti Virus folder Located at C/Program Files/ESET
After i UNINSTALL the anti virus,i noticed that the folder were still there then trying to manually delete it but failed.It prompted YOU NEED A PERMISSION TO PERFORM THIS ACTION,Then trying to find a solutions in net and got the method to EDIT the user permission first,even tho i did that many of thousand of times but still the folder wont removed.I tried to reinstalled the ESET NOD32 b'cuz i hope it will overwrite the previous folder but still it wont let me install it even.The question is HOW TO DELETE THIS FOLDER?Please help.

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Great! Thanks mate,Problem solved.Thank You very much

ESET Problem.PNG
After successfully uninstall the NOD32,Now im going to reinstall it back and i got another new problem,See the image shown..Any idea?please help:(


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Try installing it as Administrator.

How to Enable the Administrator Account

Open the command prompt with elevated privileges by clicking the Start orb, All Programs, Accessories, right-click Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator.


net user administrator /active:yes

and then press Enter.

When you are done undue the process by doing the same thing and pasting in ….

net user administrator /active:no

You could also try turning off the UAC using the security slider while you are doing it.

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Thanks for the tip mike,i succecsfully did as u said but here got another error in the image.I did restarted several of times and keep installing it but same thing happens.Help


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Another idea...

There are several good free antivirus programs out there.

I use AVG and have for years on a number of computers and it has always worked for me. It's really set it and forget it, updates itself everyday and run a scan every mourning.

Download AVG Free Edition - FileHippo.com

Many people like Avira which is also free.

Download AntiVir Personal - FileHippo.com

If you can't solve the install problem you could try and install one of these.



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Thanks for the tip mike,I succecsfully did as u said but here got another error in the image.I did restarted several of times and keep installing it but same thing happens.Help
That sounds like ESET has left something behind (again!!). Did you run the ESET uninstaller in Safe Mode? That's kind of essential. I'd now be tempted to do it again, then after a re-boot, run CCleaner as MikeH said. Only then attempt again.

Must say in 3-4years of using ESET I've not had an issue with un-installing/re-installing.


Mike,Thank You for your kindness help.I would be appreciate it.Thanks a million,Will try to try to solve like u said.
Elmer,YES i did by the first reply by TorrentG method,I'd think you were right mate.ESET has left something in my lappy LoL.Now going to fix it again.Thank You to All Of You :)

While scanning i found this,Is this could be the problem?:confused:
Still same error happen with all of this method,Oh no..this is going to be bad.Mike,Im using ESET for 3-4 years now..this is my first time experience facing this kind of problem with eset.Gosh..Im so frustrated.

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There's another little NOD32 Remover Tool I use. May be worth a try.

@Elmer,Its NOT working.The same error comeout.Darn it :(
@Cybercore,Thank You for your help.I really appreciated but the damn eset wont install after all of this process given by u guys.
Bahh...im f**c up mate..Anyone please recommend me a good Anti Virus program with anti spyware/malware protection.Please help on this.Thank you guys.

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Sorry to hear you're having no joy!!

One final thought. Have you physically looked in your C:\Windows\Installer Folder for a folder "named" {57B012C9-5EAD-441B-9925-6B560B543D87} and an .msi file named dc6d4.msi?

A lot of people favour the MSE security suite although I have no knowledge myself as I'm an........ ESET Man!!! (are you jealous?? :eek:)

I personally have reinstalled my Eset million times all smoothly. Did you uninstall from Programs and Components? If so you should have used uninstaller.exe from Eset folder.

Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

Downloads | IObit

MyUninstaller: Alternative uninstaller to the standard Windows Add / Remove module

@Elmer,LoL why should i?anyway im still a NooB around here haha anyway i didn't see my windows folder,surely located at C/Windows/Installer right?but duhh..didn't see it tho lol.I even marked up on folder options to SHOWS HIDDEN FOLDER thru but none.What am i doing?was i missing something or still?
@Cybercore,Man thanks.Didn't go there yet,I'll gone to be there & try to fix this matters.C ya guys around.Many thanks guys!! :)


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Hi Again.

As I said I'm happy with AVG, which is a free program, scans e-mail, updates automatically etc., along with it I use SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes.
And I run CCleaner every day. CCleaner can be set to keep only the Cookies that you want to have and remove all others.

Download AVG Free Edition - FileHippo.com

I've had good luck with it for years.


Well..I guess this time i had to change my way & be a traitor to ESET LoL,Thanks for the advice mike :)
Thank You Again To All Of You

Best Regards

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