Unable to Install a specific program

Here is the situation:
I installed windows 7 to my inspiron 1720 which had Vista, everything was fine installing the new operating system. The problem starts when installing any program the computer set as default installation path the Recovery disk D which has my operating system. But installing Microsoft Office wouldn't fit in since there is not enough room and for any program. So I went and change the directory path before installing the programs to the disk C, and I have installed 4 other programs in the disk C but that specific program (Microsoft Office) doesn't install, is like the computer is still redirecting it to the disk D which is full. Please I need advice in what to do Now! Thanks


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Have you checked the registry entry for the default install location? It should be under:


In the right panel there should be an entry for ProgramFilesDir.

It should have the value:

C:\Program Files

It's exactly what it has! Is there something else? Because I don't want to reinstall my operating system just for that, but I can't use Microsoft Office. Thanks

Another thing, after I click the cd icon under my computer it automatically tells me there is not sufficient memory in the disk and will not run the sut up. But if I try installing a game it will run smoothly. It's extremely annoying!

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