Unable to install graphics drivers.


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Hi guys, I'm new to your forums, though I have searched through them and others extensively trying to solve my problem or find a workaround.
First off, as you've asked my system specs are:
Os: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Build 7600
Mobo: Asus P5E3 Delux WiFi-AP @n
Bios: American Megatrends Inc. 1415 (newest bios i believe)
Total Physical Memory (RAM) : 4.00Gb (corsair brand, 1666mhz, 2.8v)
Total Virtual Memory (vRAM) : 8.00Gb
Video Card: (1) nVidia Geforce 9800 GX2
Sound Card: Creative X-Fi
HDD: Corsair brand 500Gb (can't remember specs)
Anything else pertinent, ask and I'll look it up.

My story so far...
I used to operate on windows Xp but started getting the infamous stop error nv_disp.dll out of the blue.. for no reason of my own. After struggling with this for several days i opted to change my XP home 32bit OS to windows 7 64bit. I was unable to install the OS from the disk. After finalizing the installation, I would get a stop error, or BSOD, with something about nvlddmkm.sys and then a physical memory dump. After research and many different attempts to install, what worked for me was the alternate OS workaround. This meant I installed XP on a seperate partition and began to install w7 on my main partition. When the reset happened during the install I booted XP, searched for nvlddmkm.sys in the driverstore of w7 and replaced it with the most current one released by nVidia (from driver version 195.62), restarted and booted up W7 to complete the installation. Everything worked fine installing W7after that, untill i try to touch my graphics card by installing new drivers. After any modifications to my drivers (followed by a mandatory reboot), windows 7 fails to load, comming up with the BSOD nvlddmkm.sys followed by a memory dump. I can enter safe mode and un-install the new drivers and boot back into normal w7, which it then automatically installs basic drivers.

I have done much reading about this problem and notice that nvlddmkm.sys is affecting MANY people and is quite hard to fix as it can be caused by numerous different things. My plan here is to try to list everything I've done to try to eradicate this pesky problem and hope that with your suggestions I might be successful.

What I've tried so far:
-Installing newest nVidia drivers for 9 series cards, windows 7 64 bit from nvidia.com
- " oldest " " "
- " any and every " " "
- Same as above, for windows vista 64bit
- All of the above in compatibility mode (vista 64bit)
-Updating every other driver I could think of (audio, usb controllers, bios...)
-Re-flashed newest bios, followed by powering down my computer, waiting 5 minutes and powering up again.
-All of the above /w powering down and waiting.
-Numerous system restores or booting into safe mode to get rid of recently installed drivers
-Used DriverSweeper everytime I uninstalled drivers
-Tried the "Advanced System Care" program to clean registry and hoped it would diagnose my problem
-Tried overclocking/underclocking my RAM, GPU and CPU.
-Tried modifying shader values using several different tweaking tools.
-Removed one DIMM, tried the other, tried them both in different places.
-Replaced cables for everything in my computer with spares.
-Modified the Tdrdelay value to 0 through 30
-Replaced every instance of nvlddmkm.sys I could find in my computer with the updated one from nvidia driver 195.62
-Deleted every instance of nvlddmkm.sys in a furious rage.
-Cried a little
-Ate some cake
-Felt a little sorry for myself
-Contemplated suicide via buying a mac.

I'm running out of ideas here, and I don't believe any of my hardware is at fault. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Sigh.. nobody have any ideas?


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Try this, download the latest driver from Nvidia's site, then get Universal Extractor

On install only check the top box. It will create a UniExtract Files on the right-click context menu.

Noe download and run 'http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/

Rather than double-clicking the file, this will extract the contents of the .exe file, No go to Device Manager and under Display adapters, choose update driver software, and navigate to the directory wjere you unpacked the files. There is an .inf file in there, select that and the instll will begin


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Can you boot to safe mode, got to Device Manager /graphics and "roll back" the drivers?

I have to do that everytime I do a windows update because it automatically installs new graphics drivers that work but cause an ugly warning in my administrative logs under event viewer.


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In response to tblount, I can boot to safe mode and uninstall/roll back drivers + use driver sweeper.
To reghakr, i'm trying your idea atm.


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I tried your suggestion reghakr, no avail :( Any other ideas or do you think im just boned until SP1 comes out? :p


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Were you able to extract files from the .exe file>?


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Yes, I ended up with two .inf files, one nvdd.inf and another i can't remember the name of. I tried installing using either of them and neither fixed the problem. It would install the driver, ask to restart, then when windows tried to boot it would have the same nvlddmkm.sys bluescreen.

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