Unable to Install Windows 7

I have an odd problem with my Windows 7 installation. The computer I'm trying to install it on is running Windows XP, and any time I try to boot from the disk (I have it set to be first in the boot sequence), it seems to just skip over the disk altogether and run boot from the hard drive (into Windows XP).

I looked into this further, and it turns out that the computer sees the disk as being blank (0 bytes out of 0 total bytes).

When I put it into other computers, it is read fine, and I have even used this disk to install multiple copies of Windows 7 on other computers.

The computer that isn't working can read any other disk fine, and has never had DVD-drive related problems.

I've even tried copying the files from the Windows 7 disk onto another DVD, as well as a portable USB drive, but those didn't seem to work either (it gave me some error about the disk not being bootable).

Multiple hours of Googling has turned up with very few problems similar to mine, and I ended up trying all of those "solutions" to no avail.


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Some DVD drives may have problems with the Windows 7 DVD. Can you change it out, or look for a firmware update?

And I suppose I should ask, just in case, do you ever get the "Boot to DVD" message where you have to hit a key to boot to it?

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