Unable to login from Local Machine after a Remote Desktop session

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by xDarKnighTx, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I leave my computer on at home so I can remote desktop into it when I'm out at work or in the library.

    Recently after upgading to Windows 7 Pro, I'm seeing this problem. The remote desktop works when I'm out, but when I get home, my computer's unaccessible. Both my monitors (i run a dual monitor set up) are on standby mode, and nothing displays. I tried switching my monitors off and on, but it jumps straight into standby mode. I tried ctrl+alt+del, but that does nothing. I then tried using my laptop to remote desktop into it, and it is fine. So my computer did not crash or blue screen.

    If I did not start a remote desktop session at all, then I can log back into my local machine fine after I get home. This only happens if I initiate a remote desktop session at least once.

    The only workaround I have is to press my computer's power button to put it on suspend mode, then wake it up.

    Did anyone see this problem before? If so, do you know why this is happening?
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