Unable to logon (work) website because domain is automatically set to 'USER-PC'

I have recently installed Windows7 and now I am experiencing problems when logging on to (work) websites. My computer is a stand alone desktop - no network connections other then Internet.
When I log on to web application, I get a logon screen where I can put in a username and password.
In the past, I could simply do


Since Windows7, the domain is shown in a separate box, and it shows my computer name 'USER-PC'.
The old way of logging on does not work anymore.

I have tried to add the website in the 'vault' and specified the correct credentials (both in Windows credentials and generic credentials).

Nothing seems to work - I am stuck now.

How can I specify the domain when I am prompted for a username and password on the Internet?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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I know very little about Domain situations. But I see if you open System Properties (start Menu-Computer-properties) I see on the Computer Name tab a Network ID button. Have you tried using that to set up your Domain at work?

can you be more specific - what 7 version on your pc and the server (work) is which OS?
have you talked to the server admin about your 7 upgrade? he should know what to do.


Thanks guys,

The Windows7 version is Home Premium.
The site I want to access is a Sharepoint site.
The helpdesk at work managed to find a fix - change in registry settings, specifically for Sharepoint.


I still have a similar problem with accessing Lotus Notes Webmail...

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


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