Unable to push large files onto network drive

This is my set up. I have my PC running Windows 7, connected through wireless to the internet and my home network via Apple Airport Extreme. I have a harddrive connected to the Airport Extreme acting as a network drive.

I can see the network drive, and I pull files of all sizes from it, but I have not been able to push large files to it. I can push smaller files to it with no issues (so far success with up to 706MB). I tried pushing a 1.4GB video file to it and it keeps giving me the error message: "There is a problem accessing A:\ Make sure you are connected to the network and try again"

I have an iMac hooked up to the network. I can push the same 1.4GB video file from my PC to the iMac over the wireless network. I just cannot push it onto the network harddrive. While I have no problems pushing large files onto the network harddrive from my iMac.

So in summary:
Pushing large files from PC to network harddrive - Failed
Pushing large files from PC to iMac - Success
Pushing large files from iMac to network harddrive - Success

I've tried most of the proposed solutions I found on the internet.
I've turned off the firewall - no change.
I've turned off my anti-virus - no change.
I've tried disabling autotuning - no change.
I've turned of the power setting on my network adapters - no change.
I've turned off the Remote Differential Compression - no change.
I've tried the file transfer in Safe Mode - no change.

So what is the problem here and what else can I try????


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
This is really just a wild guess as you seem to have tried everything else it might be worth testing just to see if it proves useful.
Apple devices seem to love and enjoy using a service called Bonjour (mDNSresponder.exe), Windows 7, not so much. Try stopping the service and temporarily setting its' start-up type to disable and see if you can push the larger file to the NAS.
Alternately try mapping the NAS drive using the IP address rather than a netBIOS name to avoid any issues with any name resolution protocol.
Just a shot in the dark.

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