unable to resume from sleep/standby/hibernate (sort of)


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I have read about 10 different post here, but unable to locate my exact problem. I recently switched from a desktop to a laptop, I have always just finished what I was doing then let the machine sleep after 10 min, and hibernate after 90 min. I have ended up doing the same thing with my laptop. I have an Acer laptop, with a pentium dual-core, all windows updates, drivers, programs are current.
When resuming from hibernate, it asks for my password, then loads the desktop and any other auto-run programs. However, any program I click on to run will not start, if I right-click on the task bar and choose task manager, nothing at all happens. If I alt-crtl-del, I get an error message about task manager can't start, if problems continue then manually restart. Which is what I have to do in order to use the machine. I don't know if it's a update, or a program I have installed. Everything worked great for a couple of months after getting the laptop, then it just started doing this out of the blue, I don't know of anything that I have installed recently that might cause this, but then again, I may just not remember it.
Any ideas will be appreciated, until then I'll just have to click log-off everytime.

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