Unable to run any programs ( all i can do is browse my computer )

Helllo every one,
I am using an Asus, bought it about 1 month ago, win7 x64, everything was working fine until yesterday...
Now I have a serius problem, i can't open almost any program, itunes, chrome etc etc
Some errors started occurring, missing files, incomplete file paths, and i cant rename any folders, i can tough freely look trough all components, 'c', 'program files' etc
I can't recall doing any recent updates so i have no idea what heck is going on!
I've looked all over the internet, only found very few threads with same problem as me but the solutions don't seem to be working with me.
When i try opening a program such as chrome, the ''watch'' appears momenterely and disappears straight away, program wouln't open, when i look in task manager i dont see anything change as i try to open the prgram...
It seems i've lost certain priveleges to, when i try to uninstall anything it tells me I need adminstrative rights, ( I am the adminstrator -.- )
And then this error started popping up when i tried to do certain things ( 0x8007007f )
Last thing i done before everything was working, was downloading a movie, wich seems alright, trying to install windows live messenger and then uninstalling it again cus i dint like it... after that applications stopped working..
Can some one please help me?
Ask me what ever you need to know to be able to solve the problem
Im rather stuck right now as i cant really do anything besides booting, everything boots normaly but then i cant run anything..

Many thanks,

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Boot to safe mode + networking. Download, install, run then update the definitions to Malwarebytes. Let it scan and remove all it finds.

Then open a command prompt. Run this command:

sfc /scannow

When done, reboot to normal mode and try it out.

Im very sorry for miss understanding, download and install what exactly?

If you can't understand my last post, there is honestly no hope. I already did tell you what exactly. You'll be much better off bringing the machine to a repair shop.

Please dont be like that, all i didnt understant was download, install
you have no link you have no nothing what am i supposed to download?
Please have some patience.

Here. Let me Google that for you:

Let me google that for you

I am having patience. That's why I've given you the best advice that I see fit based on your response. You will be much better off bringing the machine to a repair shop.

Thanks. Trying it out now.

Malwarebytes didn't detect anything, doing cmd scan now...
Rebooting after to check if anything is diferent...

Windowsdidnt detect anything either, rebooted, and the problem persists..
Sorry , anything else i could do?

Done that, problem persists...

im sorry, probloem persists...

Clean install Windows from the DVD, with a format. Be sure to backup anything you want to keep before doing so.

there must be some other solution..

there must be some other solution..
When you find it, please let us know so others could benefit from it too.

Beyond my previous recommendation, I advise to use Killdisk to wipe the drive clean before the reinstall.

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