Unable to set Win 7 screen to 1600x1200


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Hi everyone, first post on a great forum!!

I recently installed Windows 7 32bit Home premium edition. I installed all the available windows updated and then installed the correct GFX driver for my ATI Radeon 4870 GFX card.

Despite the GFX card and the monitor supporting 1600x1200 windows refuses to set the screen to it. I either get a windows message telling me to pick another resolution or it goes through the motions of changing the res but changes it to 1680x1050 instead.

This is really annoying as I wanted 1600x1200 for playing older battlefield games where this is the max resolution it supports.

Can anyone think of anything else that I could try please!


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Are your video card and monitor drivers the latest version?


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The GFX card has ATI Catalyst 10.5 installed which is the latest driver for the card. I've also tried installing 10.1 through 10.4 incase this was an issue with the latest driver only.

The monitor is a generic PnP 22" Wide screen LCD monitor. It's been identified correctly by the GFX driver as it's labelled it as an XS2022 (or something similar) which is the correct model but has no driver to install with it.


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Well, sorted and slightly embarrassed about it.

It turns out my monitor doesn't support 1600x1200. XP said it was in 1600x1200 but it was actually in a lower resolution.

Sorted this by swapping my vga lead for a DVI-D lead which accurately identified my monitor and told me all resolutions and the max for gaming in 1440x1050 and looks a lot sharper and clearer than when XP was reporting to be at 1600x1200!

It is possible to force the system into 1600x1200 but the picture overscans off the edge of the screen.

Now winXP and Win7 both agree with available resolutions and work fine an gaming pic is lookin sexy

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