Unable to Shutdown after installing Canon Pixma MG5370 apps and driver


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Scenario first.

My system is a windows 7 x64. it is connected via LAN cable to my wifi router (also used for internet).
Prior to installing Canon Pixma MG5370 apps and driver, the windows works fine.

My Canon printer is connected via WIFI to my router so in essence, I print through my router to the printer.
No errors were encountered during the installation process..

After all these, I noted that my windows will not shutdown anymore.
After clicking shutdown, it will reach the screen where it shows "Shutting down"
and a spinning disc like icon. and this is where it will remain and not power off at all.

hard disk Led not blinking during this time.
I had to do a HARD FORCE shutdown.

anyone encountered this problem, and most importantly, found a way to bypass this problem?
short of having the need to system restore and everything?

Thank you..


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Have you tried to uninstall the printer and check to see if problem still persists?


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not yet...

just had the printer for 2 nights and encountered this problem on both nights after the printer installation..

planning to uninstall tonight and see whether the problem remains or not....


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It sounds like the drivers are corrupt to me. It does not look like W7 supports that particular Canon natively. So did you install the printer drivers using Canons installation disk? Or did you download the latest drivers from their site? This might matter because if you install from the installation disk and you accepted all the defaults, there is a good chance Canon foisted a bunch of useless junk programs on your system whereas if you installed just the drivers, you get just the drivers.

I agree with BassFisher. I recommend you totally uninstall the drivers, reboot, then install the drivers again, as directed in the installation instructions. It is important to follow the instructions as some printers are NOT supposed to be connected until AFTER the drivers are installed.


It seems you have "shotgun" posted your problem at multiple sites. While I understand we all want our problems fixed "now" shotgun posting is considered poor forum etiquette for several reasons. For one, it can cause confusion for those trying to help who don't know what other advice you may be following, or by unexpected results from action they don't you are taking. Shotgun posting often results in abandoned threads as the solution found at one site is not posted at all the others - leaving unresolved threads at the other sites.

Also it is akin to spreading out your kids at a busy market, having them stand in several checkout lines in the hopes you can get service ahead of others waiting their turn in a single line.

Unable to Shutdown after installing Canon Pixma MG5370 apps and driver - Windows 7 Forums

So please, if you find a solution, be sure to revisit all the sites you posted your problem and post a followup with the solution. Thanks.


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ok, I got pretty fed up and all and did a fresh install..

Now only I noted it is not that the system aint shutting down, it just takes way longer than usual to shutdown.
and whats worse now is that, even with fresh installation, with virtually no driver installed yet, my system encounters random slowdown in both BOOT UP and SHUTDOWN time..

when everything is fine, they will shutdown or bootup in roughly 20 to 30 seconds.. when the slowdown occurs, it takes roughly a minute and a half or so to complete..

so now my question is, are there any way for me to log the boot up and shutdown events to see what made the slowdown and so forth?

Thank you..

p.s :- ok, so I figure that it is not my printer driver or software that is mucking things up for me..


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ok, I got pretty fed up and all and did a fresh install..
:( That's too bad. A fresh install should always be the last resort as nothing is learned and often the problem is not resolved.

You need to install all the latest drivers and Windows updates before moving on.


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well, though the shutdown problem is gone , the new problem in extreme slowness in boot up and shutdown (albeit randomly)
is annoying at best.
and yes, already install the latest driver for everything..

so going back to my question.. any software out there or something within windows itself can let us see the things windows is booting (or shuttingdown) and the time taken for it to complete it? I think if there is, can pretty much nail down whats hogging the time during those periods..


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How long of times are you talking about? Slow boot up times is often due to many things loading at boot and don't really indicate a "problem" (unless taking many minutes). Also, crud cleaners (CCleaner, Windows Disk Cleanup, etc.) almost always result in a slow boot the first time after cleaning because many files cannot be cleaned while Windows is running, so they are tagged then purged during the next boot.

External drives, mapped network drives, and other extra connected devices can delay boots.

You might try a "clean boot".

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