Unable to transfer at Gigabit speeds

I can’t get anything faster than 5Mbs transfers over my network. This is what I have connected. I’m using a Dlink DIR-655 Router, set to connect at 1Gbps, Western Digital NAS drive, it says it’s connected at 1Gbps, and my laptop is set to connect at 1Gbps also. My laptop has a Realtek NIC, with the lastest drivers that I can find. Every thing is set to 1Gbps and, they all connect at that speed, but transferring between my NAS and my laptop, I ONLY get right at 5Mbs. Everything is connected with Cat5e cables, no long runs or anything. I’ve looked at several forums to figure out what I can do to get higher transfer speeds, but nothing seems to help. Anybody got any ideas, because I’m running out of them.

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