Unable to view Window without minimizing others on top of it


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well, things are really getting out of hand with Win7.....

My latest problem (which is rare, but ANNOYING because only fix is rebooting) is sometimes ill lose the ability to right click on any program in the taskbar. It just doesnt work. I can move them around fine. And right click seems to work on anything and everything else on the PC.

A secondary problem is, lets say I got folder 1 open, and folder 2 also open in front of it, if I click on folder 1 in taskbar, it wont get focus, it will just blink like it wants attention. To get to it I need to hide all folders in front of it (which is only folder 2 in my example).

Another BIG issue (which happens almost 100% of the time) with Win7 is it has problems starting and opening basic games. Ill open up a game (lets say plants vs Zombies) and it will minimize almost instantly. If I try to restore, it will do the same. My fix? Sometimes moving a folder, or firefox by a pixel "fixes" this, and ill be able to restore the game without being re-minized. Sometimes this "move" doesnt work and I need to close a program (like winamp).


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I found the problem, it was because another window was "frozen". I didnt know it was frozen because it was on my extended desktop and couldnt see it or move it because of the bug. At least now I know whats wrong when it happens in the future.

As far as the game minimizing issue, I still dont know 100% why. It is related to HUD display (like a FPS tool) but it seems to happen even when I dont use any sometimes.

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