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:mad: Has any one had Programs installing without you knowing it. I have had this happen twice.
The first was The Weather Channel Desktop 6 . This program installed its self yestarday, had to do a reboot and it was trying to set its self up on my desktop, not onley did it try to install but it is not a free program at all. It would not uninstall with Windows 7, I had to go direct to C: drive and uninstall it.

EA was the second company that got into my computer and tried to install a game and charge me for its use.

I think this is a very serious problem. NO SECURITY FOR WINDOWS 7 . Someone can take that kind of controal of your computer or NETWORK . This would not work for a busniss inviroument at all. Scripting is not secure at all and Windows 7 uses it alot.

This is a very serious isues and need to be addressed and this hole plugged . As for me I like to have controal of my network and not have any one elst on it.

I don't like sailsmen at all and will not even talk to them on my phone not alone have them force me to kick them off my computer.

This is not good at all.

You need to have a good Ant-Spyware, Anti-virus and persoanl firewall, which run in real time and the firewall should have application blocking.

One firewall that does this is a free verion of PCTools Firewall Plus. It can be downloaded here:

PC Tools Firewall Plus - Free Firewall Download

You might want to check out this freeware program also. It runs in the tray and lets you know if anyone is trying to access your ports:

Genius - Download
I have it

I am using Kaspersky 8.0 . The thing It does is alert me when outgoing or incomming trafic is on my network. With The weather channel it did nothing. With EA I was ask to allow the trafic. Like I have said Scripting can caus alot of problems. Think of it like a Batch file that sends commands to your computer without your permitions. :confused: Not good. This a bug and needs to be fixed. I am gathering all the info now to see who has cracked Windows 7 and go after them. This is not somthing Microsoft has done but some hacker and they will be cought and punished for their efforts. Meanwile Microsoft needs to know what is happening. :eek:

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most decent routers have a log so you can see what attempts have been made to access your network from Outside. Just log into your router (usually something like or
The userid is usually admin with password either admin or password. - CHANGE THIS AS SOON AS YOU LOGON TO IT AND DON'T FORGET IT OTHERWISE YOU'LL HAVE TO GET A NEW ROUTER. (Factory reset won't reset the password).

You should see a whole slew of options including Logs.

There's also plenty of decent free AV software out there.

Incidentally avoid those programs that say -- Free Driver Scan/ Registry check etc etc.
This is almost the classic way of installing Spy/Ad/Nagware on to "victim's machines".


My router has always been secure. However I have found that the Weather Channel Desktop 6 has been embedded into Windows 7 and it seams it is a partnership agreament of some kind to market The wether Channel software. :mad: All I can say is cheep cheep. Bealive me others users will see this hapening to them as well. Like it is a hole that needs to be closed. TI WILL GIVE WINDOWS 7 A BIG PROBLEM AND A BLACK EYE. For the money it will make them it shure not worth it. If I were Microsoft I would get rid of them fast. The Wether Channel does not need to be a part of Windows 7 for it to be a success. All The Wether Channel is , is a cheep organzation that needs to pull these kind of pranls on users to make their living. I BUY SOMTHING BECAUSE I WANT IT AND NOT BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO. I don't lnow why The Wether Channel was put into Windows 7 but they need to get rid of them real fast. Iff they can put software on to your computer without your permition then how many others can??? This is more than a virous . It is taking your rights to the limit. I WANT TO CONTROAL WHAT GO ON MY COMPUTER. And no one else will ever have the right to install software programs without my permition.!!! If Windows 7 is going to allow this then it is not worth the time to take a look at. Sorry if I sound mad but I am. and will always fight for the right to keep my computer privet . There is a log for Windows 7 to check out just what happends on our computers and it traces all activities and where they came from. So Microsoft knows what is going on. and can doc. all of it. So I would think they will plug up the hole.
This is what beta testing is all about, and that is getting rid of all these kind of bug's .So don't get mad at me for finding a few bug's find some for yourself, and do Microsoft some good . I think I have.

It seems you're referring the the Weather Gadget. That was included with Vista and also Windows 7. It's no big deal.

If you don't like it, then just don't use it. It's not going to phone home anywhere other than the channel's site to grab the current weather info for your area.

As for the full-blown version of The Weather Channel Desktop 6 got on your computer, I have no idea. Do you happen to use any torrent programs?

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Wether Gadget

It seams to be a part of it. But it is a hole different program and they will charge you to run it. As for my self I won't let any program take over my computer. It installs without your permition and runs without your permition. Like I have said it would be a total disaster for this to get into a business , acts more like a trogen than anything else, and is a very cheep way to market your software. I have took it out and it still comes back on the drive. And there is still the isue of EA trying to put gaming software on my computer the same way. Gumb move and it will keep Windows 7 out of all busniss and give it a big black eye in the entire industry. NOT A GOOD MOVE AT ALL MICROSOFT !!!!!

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Do you see anything on the screen when this software is installing?

Maybe your installed some software that was bundled with some sort of adware/malware.

these type of programs may put an entry in the Startup folder or a registry entry.

So, my advice wouklld be to go to Start > Run and type msconfig., then click the Startup tab. If you see an unusual entry, uncheck the box. actually you could uncheck all boxes tempoarily, but leave your spyware, anti-virus, and Fierwall programs the ability to run.

You can also download a freeware program that will do a scan of all the major areas of startup. It's called HiJackThis and can be downloaded here:
|MG| HijackThis 1.99.1

Note the warning that this is for advanced users.

But you can simply run it and post back with the results.

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Yes it showes it is installing. I am using 64 bit and it won't work with 64 bit so it hangs.

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PS very cool on the new mods, I would keep them to factory specs.
really I don't know what you're talking about, this seems to be a problem with your computer not with windows 7. you seem to have caught spyware/adware/viruses that do this. windows does not come with any "weather program" nor does it install programs in the background nor is it possible to charge for programs you didn't buy.
Erased it

I have erased it off the HD's 3 times now. I did do msconfig and found 2 other programs that were basicley the same thing. Windows 7 does not take programs off your computer when it uninstalls them. You have to clean up the HD to get rid of them. I have a good antivirous program and windows & has a defender and a firewall. The program still got threw. I was suspecting it to be related to weather gadgets but Microsoft says no . It is off for now and we will see if it stayes away.

Thanks for the help !!!

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Whenever I want to completely uninstall a program, I use an freeware uninstalled called RevoUninstaller.

I catches left over registry entries and files on your system.

You can download it here:
Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs, Solve uninstall problems

Even this isn't foolproof and sometimes my leave some files on your computer.

After an uninstall, go to the C:\users\yourusername\AppData\roaming and delete any files here relating to the Weather Desktop program. Do not delete anything else in this directory, just any references to the Weather Desktop program.
Revo Uninstaller

I downloaded the Revo Uninstaller and it took The Weather Channel Desktop 6 off my computor. I tried to do myself and nothing would remove it . :confused: but Revo did.. :D

Thanks alot :D

Thomas :cool: