Unbelievable MSN LAG (x64 Win 7 Ultimate)

Im having a terrible problem.

I am a very avid user of msn, but just recently (about 1-2 months after windows 7 installed) Ive been getting this terrible lag on it. Typing, opening windows, closing windows, moving mouse. Basically anything that involves the msn interface. My room mate also installled msn and hes getting the problem too. We are both using x64 installation.

This lag is terrible and starts up after using msn for a bit and wont go away untill you restart the PC, but it comes back after a few minutes again.

Gonna have to go back to XP or VISTA if a patch isnt released. Ive seen other people having the same problem in google.


You probably have a Ventrilo sound card.

A simple Regedit edit done from the command line effectively deletes the key that causes the issues,

Press winkey + R ...or paste it into the field when you click Start .... then enter... .and reboot .

reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions /va /f

thats for the reply but it didnt fix it, still lagging up my pc. Im going to have to install pigeon or w.e that crap is called. Surprises me that a microsoft written application doesnt even work properly on its own brand of OS

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