Undefined Network Error.. ¿Any New Solutions?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by brodyx, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Hi all , new here and i was hoping you can help me with this FRUSTRATING win 7 error.

    Like all posts my error is the known Unidentified Network .. heres the thing.

    Ive been using Win 7 for bout 2 months now or something like that , no problems at all.. Yesterday i changed my Modem from a Motorola 5101 to a Motorola SBG900 Wireless.. My 5101 was my "pirate" modem with 6MB but stop working , my sbg900 was my regular modem 2MB that has always worked with my computer. So first i tried to get my motorola 5101 to work with no luck .. i changed its mac address and nothing , theres where i got the unidentified network error but tought it was just a bad mac address... so after trying for a while (even using my SBG900 MAC in my 5101) i gave up and plug it out and pluged my sbg900 in (the one that im paying for) .. after that its just darkness lol

    I have 2 Realtek NICs on my pc..Gigabyte MB..so after reading for a while i tried this "solutions"

    1.- ipconfig solutions , flushdns , release , renew, netsh winsock reset.. etc.. NO LUCK

    2.- Unmark ipv6 .. No luck

    3.- Change the NICS Address.. from NO PRESET to a 12 digit number No luck

    4.- Under config services turn off IP HELPER .. look for Bonjour (didnt had it) and turn it off .. No luck

    5.- Under my NIC configuration use manuall ip and gateways .. No luck

    6.- Uninstall my NIC and install it again with normal drivers .. NO LUCK

    7.- Download new drivers for win 7 x64 .. no luck with new drivers

    8.- Turned off computer and modem/router for 30 min .. no luck

    So i started to burn my win 7100 RC image to a dvd and bam it worked .. just when i was going to do a clean install..

    Next morning , again Unidentified Network

    Tried everything again with no luck soo i did a clean install with 7100 (i had 7600)

    Got to win 7 and again unidentified network from the start....

    Went to change the gateway under ADVANCED and WINS TAB and it worked , after an hour again got the error

    Went to change the network address and it worked , after 2 hrs again the error

    did everything again an nuthing.. sooooo

    any more tips out there that i havent tried??

    Oh i installed like 4 NIC cards that i have and none worked..

    I Would really appreciate some help or tips u have for me or everyone having this annoying problem..

    I tried calling microsoft and they couldnt help me cuz 7100 is just beta so they dont have a forum or support team.. pff

    Thnxs a lot for ur help :)

    I guess my router just wont give me an ip :(
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    How much system memory are you running? I've run into this on two systems that do this when they have 4GB installed.

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