Understanding folder permissions; folder inheritance and other annoyances.

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    I have been using Windows 7 for about a year and I do not love it. So I am seeking help trying to solve some of the annoyance.
    In order of importance, I want to understand permissions, folder view inheritance and finally the way windows explorer always scrolls the folder you expand (by clicking on the arrow to view subfolders) down to the bottom of the left (folder) pane - STUPID!!.
    so - #1 - Where can I get an overall understanding of the rationale behind folder permissions. I am the administrator - I do not understand why I can't access folders sometimes but if i go in starting from a different folder, it seems that i can!
    #2 - once I chang ethe folder view to details - I want all the subfolders to inherit that view. Isn't that the way things should work? i get so tired of changing the view each time I open a folder.
    Finally #3 - When I expand a filder on the left pane of Windows explorer, Windows drops that folder to the bottom of the left window pane. I would rather have it at the top so i see the folders inside the folder. Can I find a way to control how Windows Explorer functions?

    Finally final - what is so great about Windows 7??

    Thanks - I am in Toronto

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