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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by steveeyes, Feb 20, 2016.

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    I use windows 7. My desktop computer (dell) is connected to a router that is connected directly to my cox modem. There is also 2 other computers connected to the router. Our mobile devices (ipad, phone) connection is wireless.

    Now for the terminology. The term I see a lot is "Home Network". I mention above how my connections are configured -- is it correct to call my connection configuration my "Home Network"

    If not, what is it called?

    I ask because I want to understand it better but unless I know what keywords to use when searching, it is hard to find tutors I need online?

    I did did do a search using the term " Windows 7 Home Network" and the results mostly were "How to setup Homegroup Network". I don't think that is what I want. I'm interested in understanding the concept and process of my configuration as explained above .. I'm NOT interested at this time in understanding and creating a Homegroup.

    Any help in my quest in layman's terms would be appreciated or if you know of a good tutor please let me know.

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    home network = network used at home i.e, you trust the people using it and don't need as much serurity in the wifi or router.

    workgroup = these computers are allowed to talk to each other and share some basic stuff i.e, any thing put into THIS {insert} folder will be shared on the workgroup computers but other stuff outside that folder is off limits.

    Homegroup = as workgroup but with the extra level of a microsoft id so user 1 purchases a movie or music from some e-shop and user 2 can view that file without paying for it again.

    For home use I recommend a workgroup senario with or without a homegroup but once you have more than 10 devices (computers, phones, ipad etc) then a workgroup will become laggy and a domain server senario is better.

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