Windows 7 undo fonts not matching?


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Text width was way too wide on some pages(way past right edge of browser). Made a bunch of changes to fix it(or try), and one included 'font matching', or something close to that.

Now many font sizes are obviously incorrect. Want to get them back. Can't find the syntax.

This started with the automatic update fiasco that microsoft said to roll back.
Sounds like printer drivers. Have you changed anything there, or in the system? Please give some info of your OS and your printer. Sometimes we change something, it works fine, but the change stays there... and doesn't work the next time. I admit to having been dumm here.
So, which text program are you working with?

--- And thanks for the congrats --- I'm just unable to express my joy and gratitude for "The Happening". :confused: Trying to figure it out...