unexpected BSOD results in crash dump

hello everyone,

i have recently had a crash dump file appear in c:\windows\minidump.

i am uploading it here, for those who my wish to review it. however, i cannot specify what the cause of thes problem my have been.:)

View attachment 110512-19312-01.dmp


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If it's a single incident... never mind. If it continues, report. The problem is

ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+87ae9 fffff800`03064000 fffff800`0364c000 0x005e8000 0x503f82be 30.8.2012 17:11:58

... not that bad a Windows problem, unless it continues to repeat.

unless it continues to repeat Whenever I want to play a video game.
What I need to do the update of the windows or format my pc.


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Windows occasionally has temporary problems. Like you have a cough or flue once in a while? ntoskrnl.exe problems can be practically anything. The problem is caused, probably, by a driver = video card or something. No sure way to tell.

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