unexpected crash


my pc crash a lot. i dont know why, its always 2 crashes after each other.:mad:

first crash i get a blue screen with no text.

second crash i get a weird yellow black screen(like you mixed yellow an black marker) with no text.

i will attach the last minidump file.
i really want to know if its a hardware ore software failure.



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First, welcome to the Forums - even if it isn't under the most pleasant circumstances.

I'm not so good with reading dump files, need to learn it yet, but the basic questions are:

When did it start, and can you recall installing or updating anything at the time? If you can remember the time, you might be able to use a restoration point. Or you could simply uninstall anything you've recently installed.

Blue screens are usually driver / hardware related, they are sort of "normal abnormality of Windows", the yellow black screen you mention would seem to indicate a fatal error in a game or something, your graphics go weirdo. You need to wait for someone wiser to come along, to give the whole picture. And a remedy, not to forget that.

In the meantime it's never a waist of time to run a thorough malware test. Use the Antivirus you have, plus Malwarebytes Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download.

You could also give more information about your system. It does no harm. "Let's get it running".

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thank you about your information.

it crash mostly after along time on or it was a long time on and you turn it of and back on and it crashes.
it stated after a week when i installed windows 7. and its goes on like this for 2 years.

i get the black yellow screen when my pc is started up and open something than he crashes again .

system: AMD phenom II x4 995, ATI radeon hd 5770, Asus motherboard, GeIL 4 GB ram 1333mz.

thanks to this video i came here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eZvKUH0dgw

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It could basically be a temperature problem: being a long time on > temperature rises > crash. Another fact is, if you turn it off, it can create a sort of "after heat", since fans are turned off > creating an over heat effect when you turn it on again; this is why some users have "post cooling" i.e. their fans keep running for say, 15 minutes after shutdown.

Honestly, all I can say is that you should give your computer a proper vacuum cleaner treatment. Just puff all the dust off! The reason it began after you went over to Windows 7 could well be that Windows 7 required more power = more electricity = more heat. And any dust will raise creation of heat.

The fact that your computer hasn't broken down shows clearly, the components are functioning.

Whilst waiting for proper guys to give an answer, I suggest you give it a "dust treatment".

its was not a heat or dust problem, i monitored my gpu an cpu. while gaming was my gpu max 80 *c and cpu 65*.

i bought some more ram(Geil, 8gb, 1333mhz, and another grafic card (ati readon HD 5770) and ran it corss fire.

i turned it on with out de new ram and it worked good but after a while it chrased. so i put the ram in to and it started up and start playing prototype 2 and it legged while lagging a message appeared from windows that my grafic card stoped working.

i switched the to grafic cards the old one as secondary and the new one as primmery and update the chipset and bios.

so i restart my pc after update and the bios menu wont come. its now on for and hour and still black screen.

i really messed up. and sorry for the terrible English.

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