Windows 7 Unexplained BSOD Issues


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Jan 13, 2013
Hello guys,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give me some help.

Recently I have had an unexplained BSOD, twice now infact.

Up until yesterday I had 16gb of RAM however I was getting alot of memory management errors etc. I diagnosed that I had a faulty RAM Stick and as such have removed the pair from my PC and have sent it back for a replacement.

The other 8gb I have tested and are working perfectly well. However I experianced another BSOD which repeats one I had previously and have absolutely no clue of it's cause.

The BSOD does not give an error message it just Blue Screens and just says "If you have experianced this before please contact your administrator" along with the usual blurb of error messages. I have a funny feeling it my be software realated, perhaps a corrupt file because of my faulty RAM?

All files requested are attached, thanks again for taking the time to help.

Link Removed - Dump File of the BSOD
Link Removed
Link Removed
Link Removed

And Another one the same just now.

Link Removed

Just a tip to consider next time - edit your first post and attach any new minidumps there.

You have 129 updates installed, normally Windows 7 has about 140, so check Windows Update for any available updates.

I notice you have an SSD (OCZ Agility 3) installed - SSD controller drivers have been known to cause crashes before, so could you check that:
A - Your SSD drivers are up to date
B - The drivers don't have any reported problems

McAfee Inc. mfefirek This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed.
Could you check this device and check that all the relevant drivers are installed and working.

A few problem reports point to Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion.exe (and the dev version once) -
A - Reinstalling Steam.
B - Reinstalling SOASE Rebellion
C - Removing the dev version from your computer (a few forum threads do report minidumps with the dev version)

The other problem reports:

  • McAfee Host [mchost.exe] --- Uninstall McAfee and use a different AV software (Microsoft Security Essentials, for example)

  • Audio Engine [Audiodg.exe] --- Probably from either your games or a movie/video.
1. Right-Click the Speaker Icon on the taskbar.
2. Select Playback Device from the list. Another box should appear, with a list of devices.
3. Double-click the device/s that have a green tick.
4. Select the Enhancements tab.
5. Click the Disable all enhancements checkbox.
6. Click OK.
7. Repeat with all other devices, then see if the problem still exists.

  • System Restore Application [rstrui.exe] --- Not sure how to fix this problem, sorry.
  • Service Host [svchost.exe] --- Controls your service/s needs.
Before attempting to fix this:::
Close any open programs and windows.
Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL). Click the tab labelled "Memory", then click "Show processes from all users" - now you can see which services are hogging the most of your CPU.
1. Make a list of all the services that are using up your memory - record their "Image Name" and "Description".
2. Go to Start Menu, and type in "msconfig".
3. Under the "Services" tab, uncheck the services that you previously listed down.
4. Uncheck any other services that you don't think are needed (best check google to make sure you aren't terminating a critical service).
5. Reboot your computer and check Task Manager once more.

  • BorderLands 2 [Borderlands2.exe] ---
    • Try:
      • Reinstalling Steam
      • Reinstalling BorderLands 2
      • Check your Video Drivers are up to date
      • Check you have the latest DirectX Software.
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology [IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe] --- may be eating up your memory, disable it through services.
  • Skype - Click to Call [c2c_service.exe] --- Reinstall Skype, or don't use click to call.

That's all I've got down at the moment - I haven't got my minidump analyzer with me for another 2 or 3 weeks, so for your other files, I can't help. Sorry if that causes any inconvenience, however I'm hoping that someone else can come along and help analyze your minidumps.