unhidden files NOT showing

i am very familiar wit the tools>folder options>view>show hidden files, folders, operating system files /uncheck ALL hidden restrictions/display full size and path/always show menus/show drive letters

these settings are among the first on a long list of user mods i alter to begin with.

BUT my problem is that I am frequently finding files that can not be seen. hidden beyond even these alterations
SS for an example : unhidden files NOT showing.png

so, as this is a (long time) continuing and extremely frustrating problem, i need advice on how to make ALL files and folders visible.


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Well..not sure why the files you indicate are not showing in Explorer for you, since they seem to show for me. Since you can see them in your attachment, possibly I am misunderstanding your situation..where is it the files cannot be seen..?

I do not have a check box next to one as you show in your attachment. So, to make sure we are looking at the same thing, could you describe how you get the check boxes? Are you grouping or sorting in some way, or do you have some third party app involved?

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on the left of the SS is a specific spot in explorer where the indicated file should be.
this place is under the greyed selection, in the red circle, to the left of the red arrow.

on the right is a picture of the example file in both the services, and the property's of the specific service.
in the items property listings there is a shown "path to executable", the location of the file in topic.

that file should be shown in the list on the left. it is not there.
do i have to explain it any more than that?

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No Trolls here!!!

Tell me exactly where you are looking that you do not see the files.. Are you referring to results from a search?

bump thread still need help


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I suppose we still have a misunderstanding.

Let's try something different. Suppose I show you a picture of a beach ball and then tell you I cannot see it. What question would you ask me to solve my (make believe) problem?

You have not yet explained where or under what circumstances you cannot see the files. But since you have attached a picture showing the files, perhaps you can understand my confusion...

Below is a snipit of my Explorer window with just the "Show Hidden file" option checked. They do not show up if it is not checked, so they are hidden, but not system files.



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Sorry, I do not understand exactly what you need and you don't understand why I am asking...

Perhaps someone else will understand the problem, since I cannot...

Edit: If you are saying the PnkBstrA.exe file is missing, I agree. It does not show up with the Hidden or System files options. There are file attributes that will not show because the folks that install them do not want them seen.

I will do some research, but I do not expect to be able to find a way to make them visible. I do see a PnkBstrA.exe in the Windows\SysWOW64 folder.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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There are file attributes that will not show because the folks that install them do not want them seen.
that is EXACTLY what i am refering to.

there IS a way to find view and deal with this type of file, and the way to deal with them is what i am looking for.
this file is just one of many, that happens to be good for an example at the moment.


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You can read about the sysWOW64 folder online if you want, but I believe it is a special folder designed to enhance compatibility between 32 bit software and a 64 bit system.

The fact it is shown in the System32 folder in your screenshot may be a result of that situation and the system may just think it is in the System32 folder and report it as such. But it is in the sysWOW64 folder, and you can see it.

I know of no other options to show some file that is really hidden in some special way. Aside from looking at the directories from an offline command prompt, or a live Linux operation.

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this is an answer i received from bobafetthotmail
@ sevenforums.com
this answers every bit of what i am looking for, and i have been looking for many many many months

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