'Unidentifeid Network' on new instal

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by gspeed316, Jun 10, 2011.

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    I am working on my bosses personal desktop. It had windows xp 32bit. Due to a virus the hard drive had to be wiped. He purchased windows 7 (32bit) to be installed.

    It's an older hp (about 3-4 years) with a intel pro VE 100 network card.

    the hard drive was completely wiped (including the partitions) and windows 7 32bit was installed.
    dispite what i select as the network type, it conitnues to set it as an unidentified network. I have tried reinstalling, wiping it again and reinstalling. It conitnues to set it as unidentified.

    I have a laptop windows 7 64 bit that connects using the same ethernet cable just fine.

    i have tried
    disabling and re enabling the network card
    uninstalling and reinstalling the network card
    there is no apple software installed
    there are no other firewalls installed
    there is no other anti virus installed
    windows firewall has been disabled

    i have tried running the MS fixit

    nothing has worked

    anyone have any ideas?
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    Go to to command prompt and enter the command:

    ipconfig /all

    check to see if your card is being assigned a valid IP address for the network.

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