Unidentified network / Invalid Ip Address

Starting yesterday afternoon I got this problem my lan connections I have 2 on my ASUS P6tv2 deluxe are coming up as unidentified Net work, I have run repair, I have turned of router and modem I have unistalled the adapters in device manager nothing works. It is weird when I check the IPCONFIG for the adapters using automatic DHCP the router is assigning a Ip address of 169 254 117 185 with a sub net mask that is I know these cannot be right as thank heaven for my wireless which is correct and works the settings for the wireless are sub net mask is proper at DHCP is DNS

I have tried putting a static in the lan adapter using the following sub net mask is Default gateway at with DNS at

I then get a warning multiple default gateways intended to provide redundancy they will not function properly on 2 separate disjointed networks

any help would be appreciated to resolve this problem so I can get my LAN adapters which are Marvell Yukon 88e8056 PCI-e with proper drivers, this just started yesterday 08/10/10 If I have to set static address for my LAN Ethernet controllers i will, but I need help in what settings to put in the IPV4 properties so I do not get the warning I spoke of earlier.

OS is 64 bit W7 12 gig of memory


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I notice the wireless is operating on 192.168.0.x so the Ips for the others PC need to be on that number range also, not the 192.168.1.x i noticed you have them on, as unless your on a bridged network all the PC normally have to be on the same range and DNS server etc.

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I put one on the other one on subnet mask is 255 255 255 0 Gateway as 192.168.0 1 on both adapters with a DNS on 198.168.01 but this does not seem to work, Iget a warning about default gateway redundancy they will not function properly on 2 (two) separate disjointed networks.
So obviously I am doing something wrong, I have been working on this for over 12 hours plus straight I feel like a coffee pot. It is weird yesterday morning everything worked fine


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I wonder if it's possible there could be a fault on the router/gateway device itself cos it shouldn't be saying you have two different networks when they set to the same IP ranges without a bridge enabled.

Opps tacked edit to previous post by mistake... "As you are probably aware a 169 IP range signals no internet comming from the gateway so it's working like a mere switch hub."

You mention you disabled the routers automatic DHCP, does it have the manual IP range lists set correctly on there? On routers I've used they typically only defaulted to a 192.168.x.0-24 range rather than the 192.168.x.255 max, although the Wireless one is clearly fine with that.... very strange, you might have to disable all the routers connections including wireless and force a factory reboot on the options and redo all the connection config to the internet to unlock the gateway access to all adaptors back on the auto DHCP.

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Hey Super Sarge:
If I might suggest and if you are comfortable doing so, try a hard reset of the router. It can be a pain, since you will need to reconfigure the wireless security as well as possibly your PPPoE info for the WAN side of the router. But with the factory defaults in place in may help to clear any other potential issues that may be router based.
It seems that you are stuck with APIPA addresses which of course are useless for your purposes and are a product of not being able to communicate with a DHCP server (your router).
See if a hard reset helps and keep us posted.

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lol cheers , i should have refreshed my window saved me typing what you mentioned Trouble..

The funny part is the wireless works just fine, I need to find away to set router to default settings, what would happen if I bridged the wireless with the 2 Ethernet connection?
I really do not want to do that cause i would hate to screw up my wireless adapter which is keeping me connected on this machine


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well as mentioned the factory reset would likely be the best way to unlock the adaptors... I've seen routers lock up before that needed this dramatic cure... oddly they were Dlink too. Just remember to copy all the main settings for your connection setup


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For the time being, can we simplify the problem, by
1. Only use one device and trouble shoot that device independently
2. Use the network connection console to temporarily disable the other two devices, one wireless (i think) and one additional wired connection) by typing ncpa.cpl into the search or run dialog box and hitting enter selecting the two extraneous device (for now) and right click and choose disable.
3. Now we have one wired ethernet device, so let's type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew at a command prompt and see if we get anything but an error that reports unable to communicate with a DHCP server on your network.
4. If that is the error then double check and make sure that the DHCP server utility hasn't been somehow turned off. I don't suspect it has, since the wireless seems to be getting a lease, unless of course it's hard coded with static values.
5. Check the connections on both ends, for led lights indicating connectivity and activity. I suppose it's possible that the wired switch ports or the whole wired side of the router could be having an issue, while the wireless radio is still working great.
6. Hard code the IP values for version 4, by entering IP Address subnet mask (should auto populate with the tab key) default gateway DNS server and this is or course assuming that the wired ethernet connection is plugged into the same router as is providing your wireless connection.

I tried those setting after releasing and renewing and still unidentified network. I have googled this and it seems to be a problem with W7 and some adapters, I may have to buy a new router

How do I do a factory reset on the router i cannot seem to find it when I enter the router


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usually on the back you will see a small hole, with a recessed button that you will need to push and hold briefly, usually with a paper clip or some such device. Also some routers are a little different the product manual may provide additional info.

I reset factory defaults on router no luck, but my d-link wireless adapter is running great, so I am going to disable for time geing the 2 ethernet controllers, Might by a add on card for Ethernet and see what happens, I really do not want to buy a new router unless I have to, and it will have to be a router that supports my D Link wua 1340 wireless

well as mentioned the factory reset would likely be the best way to unlock the adaptors... I've seen routers lock up before that needed this dramatic cure... oddly they were Dlink too. Just remember to copy all the main settings for your connection setup
If sarge has wireless working he should be able to go into the router's setup screens and reboot the router from there without loosing any of his settings ...


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If you think that you have zeroed in on the ethernet cards themselves, then is it possible, since this is a recent occurence and guessing that they are identical the either you intentionally or maybe by Windows update or another process installed a driver update for the NIC(s). If so maybe check device manager and see if you have an option for a driver roll back

Hi Sarge...
Before you do that, log into your router's setup utility and look for a button that says "Reboot", usually in DLink it's on the "System" page in the advanced settings. This will restart your router without blowing up your settings. You could also try a power cycle... unplug the dc cord from the router, wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in, this also does a reboot without settings loss.

For your problem... set your adaptors back on DHCP .... after a reboot do IPCONFIG and see what you get.
I have a client with paired NICs and what he did was to create DHCP reservations for them, so he always gets the same IP.

I tried one mor time in IPV$ Properties I set, 255 255 255 0 sub net, default gateway 192.168.01 DNS
I then did a realese using IPCONFIG I then did a renewal I got an error while realising interface loop back pseudo interface system cannot find file
This was final time of playing with it. I started last night at 8 pPM it is now 2:15 pm nd I have not slept

Well I am back at it, I am just enabling one LAN connection in my BIOS, I set the following for the connection, gateway DNS secondary
I set up a LAN connection for inbound in router also, this does not seem to be working either, at this time I do not know if it is router or LAN on my MB, as when left alone the address i get in IPCONFIG are not valid for the LAN just for example the sub-net net mask would be 255.255 where it should be 192.168.xxx.xxx it is not but ware less is fine, the only problem I had with wireless was it keeps taking my laser printer address of which I changed so this would stop.
Will work with anyone to fix problem. I am going to try hooking my router up to Laptop that is go from cable modem to router to laptop instead of my main machine that should tell me whether it is the router or not. except Laptop is VISTA, and problem could be W7, which I doubt as machine was fine 3 Days ago

Updated info: I plugged into my main machine directly from the cable modem no luck I took all the settings I had for LAN out, IPConfig shows after that as which is really screwed up and should not be. I think I can conclusively say it is is the LAN connections on my board that have gone T###s up.


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It would be unusual, but I guess not impossible for both LAN interfaces to fail simultaneously. Did you double check device manager for both integrated LAN adapters to see if you could roll back the driver, if that option is available?
When you manually set the static values for either or both of those adapters, can you ping the inside edge of your router at (I think)?
If that is successful can you ping is that successful.
I know you've been at this for a while now but patiences and persistence may still pay off, focus on a single interface at a time, disable the other two, attempt the static values and the ping attempts for each seperately by enabling one and disabling the other two (wired and wireless). Make sure you inspect the link lights on the router as well as on the card if they are present. If you are still unable to even ping the inside edge of the router then you may have had some type of catastophic event that took them both out. Any recent storms or electrical spikes?

I now know cause, I hooked up by LAN to My Laptop, same problem, when I run Ipconfig on Laptop the NIC I get it shows the same bad Sub net mask 0f and a weird IP address for the controller something like I then took my old machine from other end of house hooked up LAN to it same Problem bad sub net mask and bad IP address. It has to be router, I cannot believe I have 4 bad NIC controllers on three machines. It is funny the router works for LAN Printer, and Wireless adapter. I am on my way to buy a new D-Link Router I sure hope it will work with my WUA 1340 wireless adapter.

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