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I've just installed Windows 7 on one of my computers (Computer 1) and am attempting to split my connection via an Ethernet Switch between Computer 1 and my old computer, which is running Windows XP (Computer 2).

The switch is plugged into the modem, powered on, all cables are connected and recognized, and Computer 2 has internet access. Computer 1, however, is unable to get past the Unidentified Network stage of connecting. Computer 1 is able to access the internet if plugged directly in to the modem. I've tried resetting the modem, but after that my tech-savvy fails to meet the challenge.


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Question, does your internet service provider use PPPoE (does it require a user name and password) to connect. Like most ATT DSL. If the answer is yes then you're going to need to replace the switch with a router with switch ports. If the answer is no, then you can try to run the network setup wizard again, while you're connect to the switch. You need the proper ip configuration on each of your computers individual network adapters, and I can't see where that might be coming from with the configuration that you've explained. Please do and ipconfig /all on both computer, when they have internet and when the don't and post it back here.

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Hello, thank you for the assistance. To answer your first question, I use Comcast Cable, which I do not believe utilizes PPPoE.

In an attempt to ipconfig both computers, I've run into two small issues. First, on the Computer 2 (winXP), how do I copy/paste command prompt text? Second, on Computer 1 (Win7), when I type ipconfig in the command prompt it tells me that "IPCONFIG is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."


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Let me save you some time and sanity. I have comcast cable and you're right it doesn't use PPPoE. However unless you have a different style modem then mine and I've had both their newest models, you're going to need to pick up a router with switch ports in order to connect multiple computers. It's pretty easy just install it between your modem and computers and reboot everything starting with the modem then the router and then the computers. Just don't scrimp when you purchase a router, see if you can find one that is Windows 7 logo'd

Haha, well, if that's to be the solution, I suppose I'll just take what I can get! Thanks again for your help

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