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    hi all

    I heavily need your assistance with this network problem.
    Since 2 days i'm reading related thread but with no result. Fact is that i'm not very good in computer's so more advanced stuff i didn't try.

    The history is :
    had a dell optiplex 755 running under win XP and when recently my HDD died i decided to reinstall win7 32bytes (clean university provided version).
    Everything went fine until this network issue.
    All drivers seems fine and updated but not sure because dellsupport is not very transparent and apparently they only provide vista drivers for my system.
    was unable to connect on my cable modem via ethernet nor on a LAN with another win7 computer.
    hopefully i can acces internet connection via usb port on my modem (works fine).

    so far i have tried
    to update chipset drivers (dell)
    to update intel 82566dm-2 gigabit network driver (intel)
    to fix the tcp/ipv4 addresses on both computer
    ( -
    *packets are sended and recived, i can see in computer>network both station but the unidentified network status doesn't change and i can not force domestic network(no access to menu)
    disable both firewalls,
    disable the tcp/ipv6 on both computers
    some messing around i can even not remember...

    please help me!!!

    thank you
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    The Network and Sharing Center can be very helpful with Networking problems. Noting where any red Xs occur can help determine the problem. Clicking on one of them may start a troubleshooter, and if not you can start it from the control panel. You might take a picture of it using the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip. If you want to erase personal information, do that before attaching.

    TCP IPv6 is required for a Homegroup but you can leave it off until you sort out the problems.

    Are you running a router with the 1.1 address?

    There is a networking forum here if you want to check there.

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