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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by daniel7, Feb 15, 2011.

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    At work we have a Dell Vostro 3500 that will not connect via Wireless no matter what I do. I have tried everything and have even gone to the extent of reinstalling windows but wireless always has that stupid unidentified network!!!

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Typically this happens when either the wireless adapter is not receiving any DHCP information from the router and resorts to an APIPA (169.254.nnn.nnn), or is not receiving complete DHCP information from the wireless router (missing default gateway).
    Determine which if either is the case
    open a command prompt and type
    ipconfig /all
    and look at the ipaddress information relative to your wireless adapater
    copy and paste it into your next post and we'll have a look also
    Third party software, like, network management programs, firewalls, antivirus/internet security suites, mDNSresponder.exe, etc. Vendor specific software that may be a part of the wireless card's drive package. Consider uninstalling any of this type of stuff to test, you can always re-install it later if desired.
    Wireless encryption, switch encryption from WEP to WPA or WPA2, change AES to TKIP or vice versa, experiment....try running the router without encryption briefly to test.
    Latest driver for wireless adapter, from Dell or from the actual device manufacturer's website.
    Latest firmware update for wireless router, from device manufacturer's website.
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