Unindetified Network Problem - on start up of Windows 7.

So I've been bugging around the net all day long for a solution and trying to figured it out my self, but I couldn't.
I've reinstalled My Windwos 7 Ultimate x32 and went on a fresh copy of Windows 7 ultimate x64... and that's when it stared. After that I've tried Windows 7 Pro x32,x64 and again Windows Ultimate x64 and now again on Windows 7 ultimate x32 but the problem still exist which to me is VERY weird since on the former Windows 7 Ultimate x32 there was no such problem, but now to the problem.
Here is THE problem:
Let's say when I've just install a new copy of Win7 my connection came out with "!" and so no connectivity to the internet. In the Network and Sharing Center the was an red X between "Network" and "Internet". So I've bugged around and do something that helped me fix some network problems year ago: I went on the Local Area Network 2 (my Realtek where is my net connected) Properties/Config/Advanced And put the Duplex mode manually to 100mbps/fullduplex(be default it is on auto). And guess what? It worked I've connected to the Internet and thought every thing is ok. Until I reboot my computer. That's the little tweak I can not even figure out how does it happen. When my Windows 7 Starts again the network tray icon is with "!", but this time it's not connected to "Network" but it has made it by itself a new network connection "Network 2" and has connected to it. By the damn Network and Sharing Center you can not make it return to "Network" you can just delete or merge networks (and guess - can not delete the one you are connected to). So I again went to Properties/Config/Advanced and change it to 10mbps/fullduplex and... it suddenly returned to "Network" and every thing was ok. The next startup I do the same and it makes "Network 3" and go from 10 to 100 and again it returns to "Network"... and so on every single startup I have to do this... it's very annoying... Another way to fix not by change configs I found out that after the start up if I unplug and replug the internet it automatically returns to "Network" and it's fine.
By the god, what devil makes windwos make this new connection every time???
Damn I've searched the net and this forum on network problems and etc and nothing yet work, no Bonjour, no not allwoing to shut down... nothing for now. If any idea or suggestions I'm open... and the god if no suggestions please find me a boxing sack with the logo of Microsoft...


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". By the damn Network and Sharing Center you can not make it return to "Network" you can just delete or merge networks (and guess - can not delete the one you are connected to"
Presumably you are deleting the other networks through "manage wireless networks" ? I found, that for some reason, if you reset anything in you internet/network settings, particualerly in the router, then Windows 7 hangs on to the last one(s) - in your case network: Network 1 etc. It seems the only way to be rid of them is as you may have done, manually delete.I would suggest, however, that you disconnect and delete the whole lot, and start over.
I am familiar with the registry, so I do not recommend this:- I had this problem quite a lot whilst testing Windows 7. It seems unique to certain setups or computers. Googling and consulting with MS got me nowhere. In the end, I did as above, I then did a complete search by "exact match" for all previous network names, in reg
edit, and deleted them..The problem has come back from time to time, but mostly I have it licked.
One reason for the phenomena you experience, when changing from 10 to 100, is that, of course, Windows is then seeing it as a new connection - hence the renaming in sequence.

By the Way. Are you using a router? Wireless or Ethernet?

There is a slight chance, also, that your computer could also be automatically connecting to an adjacent household internet connection, instead of yours? Make sure you have given the connection a unique name, with "automatic connect", and not "any in range"

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I'm using Ethernet... glad to here there is someone with ideas. I'm not quite familiar with registry - my bad, but I have tried making "Network" with unique name like "Mine" etc... no work, tried deleting all and start from the crap - not worked.
But finally I've got a solution which is pretty curious and I would be very glad if someone could give me a good explanation on that:
So OBVIOUSLY the damn Win7 was bugging around looking for new network each time it started up. Since I had to giggle too much each time I decided to install IP manager so it automatically on start up do every thing. And... BLAZE!!! It removed the problem. No idea how... i suppose it makes some changes to Win7 somewhere and from automatic search of network it is making a point that the Network will be set by third party software and Win7 don't even think of touching it. I've uninstall the TCP/IP manager and still works. This is so absurd, so I had to check was it coinsidence or not... I've fromated the disk tried different Win7 - still the problem and the same way fixed. Even tried it for a third time - the problem is there the fix works... hell no idea how and if this works for someone or somebody could give me an explanation why it works best. Please if someone tries this give feedback on the method and problem. I'm quite interested in why it is sloved.


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I believe you need t insert a primary and secondary(subnet) IP address in the tcpip config.
By default this is dynamic, if you have left it on defaults..
Your ISP will have given you these addresses.

No, not that... I didn't mention above it but because of the problem I set almost every thing that is possible manually before coming to the idea with the TCP/IP manager.


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OK. You've got me going. I am going to install TCP/IP manager to see what it actually does!!!!

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