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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Bobcoop103, Jul 5, 2013.

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    I have a dual boot system with 2 installs of win7 one is onthe C: partition the other is L: which is on the same drive as the first, Iwant to uninstall the one designated C: both are active as far as I can tell, can I just go to disk managementand delete it or is there a better way? Will the remaining partition revert to C:? A screenshot is included. I would appreciateany input on this, Bob

    Disk Management  screen shot.

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    To remove one of the operating systems you need to install "EasyBCD" and use it to remove the one you don't want from the boot menu.

    If you don't do this your computer won't boot and you will have big problems.

    Once you make sure that the computer boots directly into the copy of Windows you want, you can just delete the other one.

    Be sure that it doesn't ask with one when you boot it up, and loads directly

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    Your boot files are currently in the C: partition, and as Mike says, deleting it will stop your system from booting. But the boot files depend on an Active partition, which is C: right now. So even EasyBCD will not move the boot files as long as your setup is the same.

    Making the other partition active, will allow a Startup Repair (run 3 times) to move the boot files to it, if you wanted to delete the entire partition. You do have some options as to how to configure your partitions, but make sure you have one partition designated as active before you try to reconfigure your boot.

    As far as the L: question, since it appears your screen shot shows you as being booted into that partition, I will assume it will stay L: since it should have changed to C: when it became the OS (boot) partition.

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