uninstall service pack 1 beta


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I tried to install windows 7 service pack 1 release candidate. it says I have prelease version installed, please install it first. I tried to look for kb976932, and install it. unistall is disabled. I tried uninstall from command line.
wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932

it says service pack for microsoft windows (KB 976932) is required by your computer and cannot be uninstalled.

what should I do ?


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in installed updates, service pack for windows (KB 976932), uninstall is not available.


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so how can I solve this problem ?


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I believe it is impossible to repair. If its' behavior is the same as all service packs that I can remember, then during the install it creates sort of an undo folder in which it puts all of the files that it is replacing during the installation. These are the actual RTM Operating System files.
If they no longer exist, then I'm not sure if there is a way to return to a pre service pack install state for the OS, because the uninstall processes uses the files that it placed in the undo folder to return your OS to it's previous state. Not even sure that an inplace upgrade/repair install would work. Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

Probably the only way to fix this is to do a repair install from the Windows 7 DVD and then install the new SP1. Logically, this seems like it will work because it will be RTM version after the repair.

Then be careful not to delete the needed files with the disk cleanup utility so when the final SP1 is released, you can uninstall the one you're going to have now.

Or you can get l33t with it and slipstream the new SP1 onto an RTM image. Then simply do a repair install from that and done.

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how to to a repair install from windows 7 dvd? it is not like windows xp can run on top of it, only option is upgrade. will that work ?

Trouble posted an excellent link on how to do a repair install.

Windows XP has nothing to do with anything at all here. Not really sure why it has been mentioned. :)

You might have to edit version numbers and get tricky with it for the install to actually work. If you run into problems, let us know and I'll be sure to figure some way out for ya to accomplish what's needed.

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is it possible to edit the version number through registry? how ?

Yes it is, as I was messing about with it today.

I haven't been able to get Winver to report differently however. The version number reported by Winver might be hard coded into the actual Winver.exe file.

Anyhow, the registry location is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

and the four entries of interest are BuildLab, BuildLabEx, CurrentBuild and CurrentBuildNumber.

I am betting that the BuildGUID is actually of importance too, perhaps the most.

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