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I stupidly installed Family safety filter to see what was involved.
Now I can't uninstall it.
I can remove my settings, or change my profile, and that all works.
But when I go Control Panel/Programs and Features, and click on "Windows Live Essentials", it does nothing, even after re-booting.
Clicking on all other entries brings up the "Uninstall, repair or modify" options.
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance.
I installed Windows Live Family Safety, later i wanted to uninstall it. But unfortunately there was no uninstall option (Neither with the application nor in the add or remove programs). I had a search, and found that somebody had issues even after the uninstall using CCleaner.
1. Go to Start Menu => Run
2. Type “services.msc” (with out quotes)
3. click ok (or press enter)
4. Find the service
5. Double click on that
6. Change start type to disabled
7. Click Stop if that is activated
8. Click OK

If you are having the same issue (Not seeing it in the Add or remove list), then Install CCleaner if you dont have (It is worth an installation, it will help you to fix registry issues and to remove unwanted files and history)
1. Open CCleaner (CCleaner - Home)
2. Go to Tools
3. Choose Uninstall on the left side
4. Select the product you want to uninstall (here Windows Live Family Safety)
5. click Run Uninstaller
6. It will ask for reboot after removal, reboot
you are done.

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