Uninstalled ATI drivers + Used Driver Sweeper = no USB on Restart

So I've been messing around with varrious drivers to try and get "RAGE" working and to make this tumultuous process more agravating I've somehow inadvertently uninstalled my USB drivers as well.

This wouldn't be an issue, except that my computer has no PS2 ports.

long version:

I used "GPU caps viewer" to check my driver version as I'd not noticed a change in my gaming performance and I was unsure if the 11.10 preview 2 drivers had been installed. "GPU caps viewer" said i was still running 11.8 which is what I had before I tried changing drivers last time. So I guessed that my drivers had not changed dispite the fact i uninstalled/reinstalled using the guide on the AMD /ATI site.

So on a bunch of sites I saw people were using "Driver Sweeper" to get rid of the registry files and hidden bits of the ATI/AMD drivers. I used this application, it found; stuff removed it and then asked if i wanted to reboot. Which I figured after Uninstalling the Drivers and this program tooling around it was probably required sooner than later to finish the uninstall.

At this point the drivers are "uninstalled" and the generic windows driver is working because my resolution/aspect ratio is stuck at 4:3 and wont go 16:10/16:9. AND more importantly my USB devices were all still working.

I restart the computer and It loads windows and I try to type my password and nothing happens, The mouse cursor is in the middle of the screen and I can not move it, and there are no lights on my keyboard. The optical sensor in the bottom of my mouse Also does not light up.

I restart again, and check the BIOS, all USB ports are enabled, so I try booting in to safe mode. I can use my keyboard to work in the BIOS, and to select "Safe mode with networking" (vs safe mode with out)

When safe mode loads, same issue. No power to USB devices.

I tested a bunch of devices; xbox controler; USB memory stick, external HDD etc. and none work.

I don't know what to do; the mouse and keyboard work in the recovery partition installed on my HDD, but I really don't want to lose all that data. Ill probably end up using a live CD of linux to get my files and then format the PC if I can't figure out how to fix this.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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I suppose you don't have Bluetooth on that computer? Not sure it would work, since it may use a vitual USB type port, not sure.

I would try unplugging both the mouse and keyboard and all other USB devices, then boot into Windows and plug back in. Try different ports since each port loads drivers for devices. You have cold booted, right?

Don't know if an add in USB card would work, since you never boot into Windows, but don't know for sure.

If you think the registry is messed up, maybe use the F8 key to boot and select last known good configuration. The problem there might be it resets after a good boot.

I keep thinking about it, but maybe it will reset on its own. You might even try a Startup Repair from the Recovery Environment might help replace some files.

I've determined the issue revolves around the ATI/AMD 11.10 Preview 3 drivers and my hardware combination.

I was able to replicate the issue after reformatting with a copy of the drivers downloaded from a different source.

I guess I'm stuck using the older drivers for now.

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