Uninstalling DirectX using RegEdit ???

something went wrong when i was installing DirectX to play Call of duty on my pc, and it wont let me play, and i heard the only way to uninstall directx was to do a complete reinstall of the OS or by using RegEdit. i dont want to do a complete reinstall because that takes forever. A website said the following and I want to know if it is safe, it was referring to XP so will this work with 7 too?

To do this, open the Registry Editor by running Regedit from Start > Run. Next, navigate to the following registry key.
Here, delete the DirectX folder, exit the Registry Editor, and restart your XP computer. During the system startup, after the restart, your system will reinstall DirectX 8.1 that is originally shipped with the Windows XP operating system.

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Dear sesrock05,

No do not use the 'Registry Editor' (regedit). Even if you deleted the registry key for DirectX and restarted the computer. Who knows that your computer might not reinstall the DirectX 8.1 that was originally shipped with Windows XP. If I were you, reinstall the operating system, you could use Windows 7 Custom Installation, this will remove everything from your computer and reinstall a brand new OS.

Hope this helps.

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