VIDEO University sex class sees woman have ... in front of students

A ' sex toy show' at Northwestern University in Chicago featured a woman being brought to orgasm by a machine-powered saw that had a dildo where the blade would normally be.

As a group of around 100 students looked on, the naked woman was penetrated by the phallic object in a human sexuality class held by psychology professor John Michael Bailey.

The, err, performers, Jim Marcus and Faith Kroll, did their thing last month after a discussion on bondage, swinging and other sexual fetishes which featured 'unrealistic' footage of a lady having a Meg Ryan moment.

Attendance was optional and students were told what was coming (sorry), after which a few people left.

Faith then stripped off and hit the stage with fiancé Jim, who used the aforementioned piece of kit to make her climax.

'It seems like a human sexuality class is a smart place to dispel some of the mistakes that we saw in the video,' Jim told the Chicago Tribune.

'What we did was not designed to titillate people, but to educate people.'

'We had fun with it. I'm an exhibitionist,' added Faith, declaring that she was 'more than happy' to take part in the demonstration.

Morton Schapiro, president of the university, said he was 'disturbed' that the demonstration took place, slamming the 'poor judgement' that allowed it to happen. He also promised an investigation.

According to Professor Bailey, guest lecturer Ken Melvoin-Berg - co-owner of Weird Chicago Tours - came up with the idea for the stunt, and he agreed the students should have the opportunity to witness it.

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