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i have lost my users account in windows 7 64bits i have tried to recovery hit and the system says that the acount is a unknown account and i don´t now if i can chance ou reactivate the acount can anyone help me ?

thank´s Hugo
sorry for my bad english


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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.

Could you give a little more explanation into the problem, please? Cheers!

i have my logon acount and my mothers and i was playing in my acount and when i have reset the computer my acount simply disappeared, i can see my files and when i go to the controls panel in users, my acount is not there, in advance mode i see my acount listed as unknown do you now if i can reactive the acount ?

thanks for our help i have done that and my files and some of my configuration are back thanks for you support, my probleme is solved




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You're very welcome, Hugo! :)
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, Hope to see you around.

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