Unknown Problem

Well hello I am new to these forums but not a total idiot but cant figure out this problem.

So i recently bought new computer parts and built it myself. the parts are:

XFX 750i motherboard

XFX 8600gt 512mb DDR2

450w Power Up psu

Angstram 2GB DDR2 667MHz Ram

I am using an IDE HDD I had already but have also tried 2 other IDE HDDs thinking the problem was with the HDD but still persists over to the other HDDs as well.
I have disconnected the 2 IDE DVD ROMS i had connected.

Okay so the problem is that I get random freezing problems, it cant be duplicated either. I could be surfing the net, playing a game (Age of Empires 3 or COD 4 are the games I have tested), or just doign random things in the computer. The amount of time it takes to freeze is random as well. I was told it might be ram or HDD failing but already switched the HDDs but havent with the ram. All I have done is switch the slot I use for the ram.

Can anyone Help me?

PS. I am using Windows 7 RC 7100

so no one can help me isee? that sucks

try changing to windows classic display...

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