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From time to time I check my installed programs list and in doing so I came across two that I have no clue how they got there or what they do. I need some clarification as to what they are.

PunkBuster Services
Python 2.5

The odd thing is in my uninstall programs in the control panel, it shows PB buy does not list Python 2.5. In Revo uninstaller is how I found Python 2.5


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you looking to uninstall or find what they are?

For both? Because of this sort reply I have to write this...or my reply wont post.


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Hi Bass, I think maybe your wife put "Python" on your computer.

It says Python can be uninstalled. It is not necessary to have the MSI file for un- installation,alternately,the package or product code can also be specified. You can find the product code by looking at the properties of the uninstall shortcut that Python installs in the start menu.

Hey, that program to find cheaters sounds like a good thing, you might want to keep that...=D>

Yeah, I just got into the gaming scene using steam for online gaming w/some friends....fun and very addictive. So that must some part of an update from steam and I'll keep that. The Python thing I have no idea so I'll just get rid of it. Thanks guys n gals.

Yup you'd have installed Punk buster whilst installing an game from steam it's an anti cheat/hack program

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