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What is beyond infinity?

Mathemathics states nothing is beyond infinity, for infinity is endless.

It does, however, depend on your own personal definition of infinity. I have come up with 3 different definitions in my studies.

1. Something that truly goes on forever and cannot be overpowered or outlasted by any force imaginable in this universe or any other.

2. Too large or powerfull to ever be understood fully by the one using the term.

ex: The universe goes on till infinity, nobody can live that long and thus to humans using the term like this, the universe will seem infinity even thought it has a limit beyond reach.

3. A number so high that it cannot be measured.

ex: There are infinity molecules in the universe. There aren't, but the number is too high to measure.

Most people use the 1st definition, but some use the 2nd term, especially religios people. They say God is infinite, but they just don't understand him. I'm guessing God understands himself and thus he is the 2nd definition of infinite.

My esearch also shows that nothing in all of reality can come anywhere near the first definition of infinity, but can be and actually overpower the 2nd and 3rd definition.

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whoosh said:
Mathemathics states nothing is beyond infinity, for infinity is endless.

I disagree !!!!!!!!

Can't agree because mathematics has never stated it as an axiom nor proved nor even tried to look beyond the infinity, "beyond" being the keyword here: just because infinity is endless does not warrant that there's nothing beyond it. So I would very much appreciate if you revise your understanding of this subject. Come hell or high water - please revise. o->

Thank you. >-)

Mathemathics states nothing is beyond infinity
Disagree also: my thread is not talking about beyond it, instead going rhetorically "What is infinity?"

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