Windows 7 Unlocking Hidden Features in 6801


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Feb 7, 2008
Microsoft has locked some of the upcoming features in the Windows 7 release that they distributed among attendees of the Professional Developers Conference 08 in Los Angeles. Features came to light shortly after the end of the conference that had been locked by Microsoft. Unlocking those features involved fiddling around with the command line which is not to everyone’s liking. Not anymore.

It should also be noted that the patch is compatible with previously patched versions.

Blue Badge Tool for 32-Bit Systems: Link Removed
Blue Badge Tool for 64-Bit Systems: Link Removed

This unlocks the all features that are hidden.
Enjoy, and use at your own risk.

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these features are locked in 7000 build?

As Kyle said, Windows 7 Build 7000 is feature complete, meaning the Blue Badge program is not necessary.. though the general public release of Windows 7 Beta isn't available yet so you'd have to get build 7000 illegally which we do not suggest doing on this forum... ;)

A little late but....

A little late in the day as the Beta is now available (well almost) but one other way of unlocking 6801 features is to build a DC and join your 6801 build to this..