Windows 7 Unnable to install win7 on win8 pc


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Jul 18, 2013
Hi, i cannot install win7 on a win8 pc.

my mobo is GYGABYTE- ga-h55m-s2h

by mistake erase the win8 partition and now win7 instalation fails.
I will apreciate your help. (sorry for my English)

The exact type of message you receive when the install fails might help. Let us know at least where the install fails during the process. For instance, do you get to the Partitions window for setting up the install location?

Is you machine one that was pre-installed with Windows 8 or did you set it up. If you did, are you using the newer UEFI install or the Legacy?

And if you erased the Windows 8 partition, what are you wanting to do now?

Good Morning, Thank you very much for your fast answer.

This is my problem:

1-Upgrade to win8 directly from win7(upgrade), not a clean install. I got some music production hardware that windows 8 its not supporting anymore(drivers), so decide to revert to win7.

2-Start the win7 installation process, all steps of partition pass well, but in the next windows.

Installing Windows
Copying windows files
Expanding Files ....... 0%..... fails in this step.

3-The error code is: Windows cannot install requiered files. Error 0x80070001

4-My mobo is GYGABYTE- ga-h55m-s2h its a little old 2 or 3 years old, but works very well with win7. In motherboard bios setup, cannot find the option to turn off secure boot or UEFI setings, and BTW cannot install win8 clean neither.

Thank you very much for your help.


What I am suggesting will wipe the hard drive so you can install Windows 7 in a clean condition. If you do not want to erase the current installs, or have a concern about upgrade versions of the OS and needing a prior OS, another option will have to be found.

If you want to try rolling back to Windows 7, you may be able to use a Windows.old folder, if you still have it. It would be better for the operation of the OS if you did a clean install.

Can we assume your install media is in good condition and useable? Are you using a USB flash drive or DVD for the Install Media?

I would boot to the Windows 7 Install DVD (or flash drive) and go to the page where you set up partitions. Use the Shift+F10 keys to open a Command Prompt window. Then type the following commands and Enter after. (You may also have the option to remove the previous partitions and recreate the OS partition. This will clean any information/Data off the drive also.)

list disk

From the list, make note of the disk number you are installing Windows 7 on and use in the following command using that disk number.

select disk 0

Back in the Partitions selection dialog, use the Refresh option to get the drive rescanned so the system knows it is a clean drive. Then continue with your install.

Sorry for delay,

Your information help me very well, so thank you very much for your help.

best regards.