Unrecognized ID3 Tags in WMP12

My WMP12 library recognizes the ID3 tags for about 80% of my collection, but for the other 20% it lists the album and artist as "unknown." I have looked at a couple of other threads (e.g. here and here) but haven't been able to fix the problem.

When I right click on one of the offending MP3 files and select "Properties", all of the ID3 information is listed correctly in the "Details" tab. All of the ID3 information also appears properly when I open the directory using various MP3 playing and tagging software (e.g. MediaMonkey, iTunes).

My MP3 folder is located on a NAS.

Here is what I have tried so far:

1. After each change, I removed my MP3s folder from WMP's library, rebooted the computer, and then added the MP3 folder back to the library so it would re-scan the MP3s.
2. Some threads recommended removing the ID3 headers and then adding them back in, so I used iTunes to convert all of the ID3 headers to v2.4
3. I used iTunes to change all of the ID3 headers to v2.3
4. I used iTunes to fix unicode encodings on the files that weren't being recognized

The result is that WMP12 still won't read the ID3 tags in the files.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


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I'm in much the same boat ....

In WMP12 I had all my music albums arranged neatly by album. A couple of days ago I noticed one album was showing as Unknown so I thought I'd rebuild my library in WMP12 by clearing the library folder details in Organise/Music and then reinstating it. Absolute disaster .... now WMP12 just lumps all tracks together in one vast album. I suspect it can't see the ID3 tags and so can't separate the tracks into albums.

I've done the same as you lilaundgelb ensuring that all tags are v2.3.

Don't quite know what to do now except abandon WMP12 and use a third party media player.

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