Unreliable Slow Internet Connection On Only One User Account


I have been having some issues with my wireless internet connection for the past month with only one account, my primary administrators account. Firefox repeatedly tells me "The connection has timed out". The signal strength on the wireless connection reads "Excellent" yet the connection is laggy, works at times but only for minutes.

The other account on the same computer can access the internet just fine with an "Excellent" signal strength and a 5mbps download speed, so I think my first guess of traffic on the connection (i share internet) can be ruled out. One solution could be just starting a new account altogether but that would be my last resort. :( Could it be some program that is using or blocking the connection?

Also, I have tried using a wired connection and works great, so only problem is wireless.

I'm not sure what I should include:
Dell Dimension 8400
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

Thank You

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use just the account that works unless u realy need them both than give us full system specs

Thank you for the reply but I think I found the problem. It seems as though Network Magic (a third part application I used for managing my internet) was causing this, I stopped it from running at start-up and my connection is great.

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