Unresponsive desktop icons

Recently I have had a problem of the Windows 7 desktop icons being unresponsive to the mouse pointer. They don't highlight when the pointer hovers over them, and they don't respond to any mouse buttons. This problem occurs with a wireless AND a wired USB Mouse. It is only the desktop icons, the icons in the quick response tray function normally. Rebooting the system restores the icons to normal operation, but the problem returns a few days later.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Is it likely to be a Windows 7 problem? This is a recent problem, the system has been OK for over a year.

Do you live with someone.

Most likely they are playing a prank on you.
I did that to my brother one time.
Right click on the desktop and go to view.
Make sure there is a check mark next to "Show desktop icons"
If there isn't, just click "Show desktop icons".

I don't think this is the case. The icons are there and visible. they just don't respond to the mouse pointer or buttons.

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