Windows 7 Unsigned Drivers? Ext2FSD


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Jan 28, 2009
Hello! I'm new here and I just installed Windows 7 build 7000 finally before my time to activate ran out. I'm satisfied, etc etc (Even with Internet Explorer 8 but I'm sure that will end when I start web programming on this machine)

So I did this on a machine that was primarily Linux (also had Vista and XP on other partitions). So I've been trying to run Ext2FSD, an Ext2 Filesystem Driver which normally loads the Ext3 partitions from my Linux installation (Ext3 is backwards compatible) The problem is, Ext2FSD is not signed. I realize driver signing is important, but for an IFS you'd think it would be easier...

Anyway, I tried the old Bcdedit technique and my drives show up but it doesn't seem to function other than showing up. I do believe my drives are all clean. Is there a possible problem with unsigned drivers here? Furthermore, if the bcdedit DID work, can I also use BCD to chainload other bootloaders? (e.g. Grub) or at least ntldr which I know can chainload from file. Then if they aren't clean I can clean them and do a proper shutdown.


edit: Also, Sorry if this was the wrong forum, but I don't know whether this really goes into Software since it is kernelmode, not an application.
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