Windows Vista Unsuccessful Upgrade From Vista To Windows 7 Continues (Continuous Loop)


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Windows 7 Upgrade paralyzes some PC's with endless reboots. Microsoft downplayed these reports as "Isolated Issues." Problem is described as: Installation hangs 2/3's of the way through upgrade. Then is followed by the message that the upgrade was unsuccessful and Vista would be restored. Instead, their PC's again booted to Windows 7 set-up process and again failed and re-started the process.

Microsoft Support Engineer "Keith" said that some people who received their copy of Windows 7 through Digital River or Microsoft Store may be experiencing a problem with Optical Drive Speed. When creating an install DVD from a Disc image "Make Sure " you are burning the image at the slowest speed possible to avoid corruption on the installation disc. The problem may also be related to the user's "Internet Provider" or "an installed third party software" (Seek help from Digital River through a special help- related request page).

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