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I am getting (actually only once so far) a popup message I have never seen before, and I am trying to confirm it is coming from Win7HP. I have confirmed that it is not coming from any of the other software I have installed, and it seems unlikely to be from a pest. Confirmation that this is a Windows message would be appreciated...


It being a Windows message is highly unlikely, considering you're one of the only two people on the entire internet to ever say anything about this message.

But that message reminds me of something: I interned for a short while at a company that used a software called LabTech to provide customers with tech support. It was able to remotely and automatically update our clients' software, run/schedule programs like defgrag, and it also let us take control over a client's computer if they needed direct support. Also, in a very similar vein to this message, we could also have it automatically give the user notifications about possible problems.

Does what I'm describing sound anything like you or perhaps some technical support person ever put on your computer?

Very interesting. That is the exact same message. I don't speak whatever language that poster was posting in. Did he/she ever find out where the message came from? I'm guessing not or you would have mentioned it.

No, Win7 was clean installed on this box from a retail disk, and I have never allowed any remote techs on the box. I remote to it quite often myself, but no others.

I don't see any way to contact that person, but if they speak English I bet we could determine what our computers have in common and solve this question. As it is, it is just intriguing...


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what is your computer model number I have a hunch


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also you would not happen to have any trendmicro programs installed would you

This is NOT a Windows message, it's probably a 3rd party power tool (or even might be a virus). I would use TaskSwitchXP (install and run it in xp compatibility mode) to quickly locate the process the message belongs to.


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